by Berried Alive



released October 20, 2017

Thank you to CJ McMahon for being part of this music.


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Berried Alive Portland, Oregon

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After everything you've done and said
I'll remain relentless until you're dead

No one will ever give a fuck that you have disappeared
Not before your bloods on the walls will you know that I'm here

I've fucking lost it
I I've fucking lost it
Forever on a rampage
There's the line you've crossed it
I've fucking lost it
I've fucking lost it
Forever on a rampage
Stab beyond exhaustion

You've got no family
You've got no friends
Cuz when they met me
They met the end

You could've stopped this
You ran your mouth
You will not be missed
When I take your life out

They found me laughing in a corner of your house.

They found you swinging from the mother fucking rafters

You just kept prying at me, kept running your mouth

Your family knew that it was you
that I was after

But you know me you know that didn't fucking matter

I drop them from the ladder, heard every neck shatter

But you know me you know that just was not enough

Carve my name across their face show this world what I'm proud of.

It's been sweet watching you grow bitter

Now what do you think happens when I pull this trigger?

There will be no trace of you left
They'll have to tear the place down from the mess
There will be no trace of you left
The meaning in my life is only your death

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